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Please email us for information on how to register, and pay online or by check.

The tuition for 2024 Q1 (January 8 through March 30) is as follows:

  • Qigong Wellness (12-class package): $180

  • Qigong Wellness (24-class package):  $320 ($40 discount)

  • Sun Taijiquan Long Form (12-class package): $180 ($120 if bundled with a Qigong class)

A same-screen discount of $40 ($20 per person) may be applied to the grand total for couples/spouses/partners over Zoom.

A $20 fee will be assessed for each class that is taken beyond the purchased package.

Any in-person class that is missed (including form class) can be made up with a Zoom qigong class!

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