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Stanwood Chang

Stanwood Chang studies Sun style taijiquan with Master Thomas Duterme, Chen style taijiquan with Master Wang Haijun, and Yang (Cheng Man-Ching) style taijiquan with Dr. Peter Wayne.

He is a graduate of the Teacher Training Program from the Tree of Life Tai Chi Center, and is now the Program Manager for the school's Eight Active Ingredients of Tai Chi Teacher Training Program.

Stanwood established the Red Panda Tai Chi Institute to preserve and transmit the traditional art of taijiquan, while at the same time applying it to modern-day stresses, health issues and lifestyles.  He continues to teach a class at the Tree of Life Tai Chi Center, and also teaches the Tai Chi for PD program at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Brookline, MA.

Outside of tai chi, Stanwood studies other movement systems, and is certified in the following:


  • Original Strength RESET Coach

Current Medical Studies:


  • Integrating Chiropractic Care and Mind-Body Training for the Treatment of Non-specific Chronic Neck Pain

  • A Mobile Tai Chi Platform for Fall Prevention in Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment

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